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Are you sick of receiving the same disappointing service to your cavity wall ties in Bournemouth? Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we specialize in services relating to the effects of damp and root.  Our team of 30 years experience has a highly successful track record in relation remedial treatments

Our brilliant services to cavity ties Bournemouth

Wall Ties Specialist

We offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of cavity ties Bournemouth and maintains strong working relationships with housing societies, public schools, restaurants and many other clients.

Cavity wall ties have also been a significant part of any structure having been used as early on as the 1800s, with a primary function of preventing rain from running into properties and to help maintain heat insulation.  Recent discovery has shown that wall ties corrosion appears in properties that pre-date the 1980s.

As a direct result of this, buildings are becoming more likely to suffer from structural corrosion and instability meaning it is essentially that an experienced profession can service your cavity ties Bournemouth. It is essential therefore that one of our trained specialists conducts a full cavity ties Bournemouth service on any property for the general security of those in a house or industrial building.

Additional details on our Bournemouth cavity ties service

Research suggests that the majority of properties do not have enough wall ties to support their structure. If at any point there is any noticeable cracking in your wall surfaces then this is likely a result of corrosion. As a result, you will need us to provide a full inspection and send an expert to your property to deliver a timely and professional service to your Bournemouth wall ties.

Our professionals have been trained to the highest standard and can produce a comprehensive cavity ties Bournemouth service to any property size. They have been trained specifically to provide a service that requires minimal disruption and works around a time that is suitable for you.

So why choose us for your cavity ties Bournemouth

Aside from the excellent service and timely service that all of our skilled professionals bring to every task no matter the size, here are a few reasons outlined as to why we are the leading company in Bournemouth cavity ties:

  • We are at the very top of the industrial and always achieve maximum results and customer satisfaction for every call out.
  • We have a host of positive testimonials and recommendations from clients who have been happy with the services to cavity ties Bournemouth that we have delivered.
  • As a leading business, we work with a wide variety of clients such as architects, builders and domestic customers and have achieved fantastic results for all.
  • Our team has a collect experience of over 3 decades, so you can rest assured that you are in very capable hands for your Bournemouth cavity ties service.
  • We are well established and are widely renowned as a trusted company across the country. Our professionals will offer you a fair and honest quote when providing their expertise.


Some of the outstanding work that our mechanics have produced for previous clients looking for a cavity ties Bournemouth services are well documented in our blog.

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