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Are you worried about the structures of your property becoming unstable due to wall tie corrosion? Do you need a company that specialises in cavity wall tie replacement? Bournemouth clients should call on the services of our team at Tudor Remedial Services. For a free consultation, give us a call on 07759829226.

First Class Bournemouth Cavity Wall Tie Replacement


Over time, some buildings, the majority of which were built before 1981, have been a victim of premature wall tie corrosion. It was found by The Building Research Establishment that wall ties will corrode faster in mortar that is contained in an external leaf of brickwork. If this has occurred in your property, enlist us to carry out cavity wall replacement in Bournemouth.


So, what are wall ties? These wall designs included the use of wall ties to enhance thermal insulation and prevent rain from seeping into people’s homes. When these ties corrode, you will need the help of our experts to perform cavity wall tie replacement. Bournemouth properties are likely to experience expanding ties as a result of this.


If this occurs, then the structures of the building could shift, with the ties lifting the mortar joints where they are in place. It may not be easy to spot the signs instantly, but you will need Bournemouth cavity wall tie replacement if you notice cracks in your external walls. This is an obvious sign of corrosion, but others will raise concern.


For example, severe corrosion can cause distortion and bulging, and in extreme cases, external walls have fallen in adverse weather conditions. Every member of our dedicated team has extensive knowledge in this sector, so you can trust that we are the right company to carry out cavity wall tie replacement in Bournemouth.

What More Can We Do For You?


Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we believe that our team should be your first choice for cavity wall tie replacement. Bournemouth clients can benefit from plenty of our other services, too. In fact, we are experts in the following areas:


  • Chemical Damp Proof Course Installation
  • Cellar and Basement Tanking and Installation
  • Prevention and Eradication of Woodworm
  • Treatments for Wet and Dry Rot
  • Floor Repair and Replacement


Whatever service you require, whether it’s in relation to wet rot or you need Bournemouth cavity wall tie replacement, our team can help. Every project that we undertake, we aim to keep disruption to a minimum, so we will arrange a visit that fits into your schedule.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Bournemouth

Why Choose Us For Cavity Wall Tie Replacement, Bournemouth Clients?


With 30 years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that we are the right company to carry out cavity wall tie replacement in Bournemouth. We have a team of qualified and experienced staff that have plenty of industry knowledge. There is no doubt that we excel in this field, so you can expect top quality work when you enlist our help.


You will struggle to find another company that matches our attention to detail and remarkable skill when it comes to cavity wall tie replacement. Bournemouth clients should know that we are flexible when it comes to projects, so we can work with architects, builders, and homeowners.


If you’re yet to be convinced that Tudor Remedial Services are right for you, then consider the fact that we have struck up working relationships with top-level clients. Our client list includes Borough Councils, Housing Societies, Restaurants, Public Houses, Public Schools, and more! From damp proofing to cavity wall tie replacement, Bournemouth clients can expect an array of stellar services.

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