Damp Course Solutions in Bournemouth

Is your property suffering from damp? Have you been looking for damp course solutions in Bournemouth? Well, look no further than Tudor Remedial Services. We offer chemical damp proof course installations to help prevent damp from infiltrating your property. For more information about what we can do for you, or to request a free no-obligation quote, give us a call on 07759829226.

Top-Quality Bournemouth Damp Course Solutions

Damp is a common problem that affects numerous properties across the country, but there are measures that can be taken to prevent the damage caused. For the best damp course solutions, Bournemouth residents should turn to Tudor Remedial Services. Our team insert damp-proof courses into the structure to control the passage of moisture from the ground.

Without the correct prevention measures in place, the structural integrity of your building could be compromised. Most properties will already have damp courses inserted, but there are cases where the building does not have one in place. If this is the case in your home, then turn to our experts for damp course solutions in Bournemouth.

Dark patches of damp rises through a white wallWhen it comes to damp, there are signs to look out for. You may need to seek our Bournemouth damp course solutions if you spot the following:

  • Mould or Mildew on Walls, Ceilings, Floors etc
  • Peeling Wallpaper
  • Dark Patches on Walls or Plaster
  • Musty Odour
  • Excessive Condensation on Windows

You should also enlist the help of our specialists if your property suffers from wet or dry rot as it could indicate that you don’t have preventative measures in place. Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we have damp course solutions Bournemouth residents require if the problem escalates.

How Does It Work?

A damp proof course is a barrier that is inserted into a wall or other section of a building to prevent water from passing through. When you enlist our damp course solutions in Bournemouth, you should know that DPCs can be inserted either horizontally or vertically. The first option stops water from being pulled through the masonry via the ground, while the latter prevents the moisture from passing from the outside into the building.

Our Bournemouth damp course solutions consist of installing fresh ones in order to stop the structure of your property getting damaged. We have a team of professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable, so you should expect a first-class job that causes minimal disruption.

Why Choose Our Damp Course Solutions, Bournemouth Clients?

With more than 30 years of experience in remedial treatments, you can trust us fully when you hire Tudor Remedial Services for damp course solutions in Bournemouth. We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients’ properties are safe and up to code. Our company has built up a strong and positive reputation and we continue to thrive in this industry.

We are incredibly proud of the client base that we have built up. Our team has been trusted by major organisations to carry out remedial work, including providing damp course solutions in Bournemouth. We have struck up working relationships with multiple Housing Societies, Schools, Restaurants, Borough Councils, Public Houses and more!

As well as being the number one choice for damp course solutions in Bournemouth, we are also specialists in other areas. For example, we can solve problems related to dry rot, wet rot and we can install wall ties. We have many more strings to our bow, just give us a call and find out!

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If you would like to receive a free no-obligation quote for our damp course solutions in Bournemouth, then give us a call on 07759829226. Alternatively, send an email to tudorrem@aol.com or contact us by filling in our online form.