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Does your property suffer from damp internal walls Bournemouth? Don’t let the problem get worse when you can contact Tudor Remedial Services today for an excellent service. With a background in damp treatments, we are the first choice when it comes to treating properties in the local area. Our treatments are priced competitively so that all property owners can benefit from our wonderful service.

Damp internal walls in Bournemouth treatments  Damp internal walls Bournemouth

At Tudor Remedial, we are the leading company when it comes to damp internal walls Bournemouth treatments. Damp is an issue that should not be taken lightly as reports have shown that it affects up to 20 per cent of British homes which can be attributed to many causes that would be worthy of another article.


We have both the facilities and experience required to treat all types of damp. If your property is suffering from penetrating damp or traumatic damp, we have the facilities and experience to tackle all damp. Keep reading to find out more about our services for your Bournemouth damp internal walls.

Traumatic damp

Traumatic damp is the name given to a type of damp where water has managed to reach the property’s ceiling or walls. Typical causes of traumatic damp tend to be leaking radiators, drains, or pipes or other inside sources of water. It is easy to recognise if this is affecting your damp internal walls in Bournemouth as the damp patch will increase in a steady fashion. Rainfall, seasons and temperature will have no bearing on traumatic damp.

Rising damp

Rising damp refers to a process where ground water rises through the property and has a detrimental impact on your Bournemouth damp internal walls. This type of damp will occur when saturated ground water is a supply at the property’s base.


The water will be drawn from the ground which is a result of upward capillary pull and evaporation within the walls of your property. There will be a concentration of soluble salts which will crystallise as they move upwards through your damp internal walls in Bournemouth. The after-effects of rising damp will lead to a negative effect on your walls not to mention damage to bricks and mortar.


Condensation is another issue that can affect your damp internal walls Bournemouth. This damp is a result of water that is airborne that condenses on walls, ceilings, furniture and more. It is easy to identify if condensation is having a detrimental impact on your property by the appearance of mouldy or damp patches on the wall. Another common tell-tale sign is water droplets on mirrors and windows.


A leading cause of condensation can be due to poor ventilation within your property or a change in temperatures. Our team have the skills to fix a wide range of damp internal wall Bournemouth condensation issues. Don’t let condensation have a negative impact on your home any longer when you can call Tudor Remedial Services today.

Damp internal walls BournemouthPenetrating damp

Penetrating damp happens when water from rain (or snow) penetrates the property and the ceiling. Unlike traumatic damp, penetrating damp works in relation to the weather, temperature and other sources of water. If left untreated, it can have a negative impact on your damp internal walls in Bournemouth.


Key signs that your property has penetrating damp are many but you should watch out for damp patches around your windows. If there are damp patches, this could be an indicator that a break in the seal or a faulty windowsill which will contribute to your Bournemouth damp internal walls.


If there are long and vertical stains on your damp internal walls Bournemouth, you may be experiencing problems with your property’s gutters or pipes. It is important to note that not every damp patch will indicate the source of water entry as patches do expand after a period of heavy rainfall.


Should your property have walls that face North or West then penetrating damp could be an issue for your Bournemouth damp internal walls. This type of damp is likely to affect older properties which do not have cavity walls. Our treatments for damp internal walls in Bournemouth will make sure that damp is a thing of the past.

The tell-tale signs of Bournemouth damp internal walls

It is hard knowing how to identify whether you are suffering from a spate of damp internal walls Bournemouth but with our guide, you will find it a lot easier. We have written up some of the obvious signs that you can use in conjunction with advice provided in the above paragraphs.

  • Water marks
  • Traces of condensation
  • Salt deposits
  • Marks above the skirting board and more

If you think that your property has damp internal walls in Bournemouth, do not hesitate to contact Tudor Remedial Services today.

Why choose Tudor Remedial Services

With many companies offering Bournemouth damp internal walls treatments, it can be hard for you the homeowner or property owner to decide between the many companies on the market. To help you make an informed decision, we have written up reasons to choose Tudor Remedial Service over our competitors.


Firstly, we have over 30 years of experience in treating damp internal walls Bournemouth and our service is second-to-none for efficiency. We have the skills needed to treat all types of damp as we have discussed previously. All treatments will be tailored to your property and the damp problems.


Our company are Member of the Federation of Small Businesses which means you can expect a superb level of damp internal walls Bournemouth service. We can work alongside your builders and architects to prevent any issues that your property may be experiencing. The level of treatments will be unrivalled.


All damp internal walls Bournemouth works will be conducted in a manner that causes your property the least disruption as possible. We can supply references from previous customers that have used our damp internal walls Bournemouth service in the past.

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