Damp on Internal Walls Dorset

Does your property suffer from damp? At Tudor Remedial, we provide a damp on internal walls Dorset service that will eradicate damp from your property in a quick time fashion. With years of experience, we have become the go-to damp expert in the town.

Expert handling of tackling damp on internal walls in Dorset

Thanks to no less than three decades of experience within this challenging industry, we boast unsurpassed levels of expertise in reference to internal property treatments. As a Member of the Federation of Small Businesses, clients can rest assured that they are receiving only the most trustworthy of services from Tudor Remedial Services.

Professional Services Under One Roof

Dampness and wet rot can be unsightly situations within any residential or commercial location. However, such conditions may actually cause very real damage over time and lead to even more lengthy repairs. At Tudor Remedial Services, we specialise in treating conditions such as damp on internal walls Dorset properties. There are still a number of other bespoke areas which can be addressed, some of which include:

  • Addressing issues of wet and dry rot
  • Repairing or replacing existing floors
  • Chemical treatments to provide a barrier from dampness
  • Diagnosing and mitigating the effects of woodworms (also known as furniture beetles)
  • Replacing cavity wall ties

By embracing such a diverse range of skills, there is simply no project too big or too small that cannot be handled with the help of these trained professionals.

Accommodating Unique Requirements

We are well aware that the needs of no two properties are ever alike. Therefore, an individualistic approach is developed with each and every customer. Not only does this establish a long-lasting rapport, but such techniques enable specialists to provide turnkey solutions when they are needed the most.

For example, the ability to eliminate damp on internal walls Dorset is handled with an extremely flexible approach. Our technicians will arrive on the property when it is the most convenient for the owner. Thus, only a minimal amount of disruption will occur. This is just as important in reference to a residential property as it is when concerning a commercial location.

Furthermore, we are more than happy to work in synergy with other stakeholders such as architects, planners and builders. This enables any task to be completed within a timely fashion; saving the client both time and money.

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