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Is your home in the grip of a damp proofing issue? Are your possessions and furniture being affected by unwanted moisture? Then you need the professional and competitively priced services of the damp proofing Bournemouth experts at Tudor Remedial Services. Damp can be a serious issue that we can help you overcome. For more information, call us today on 07759829226.

Bournemouth damp proofing services you can trustDamp Proofing Bournemouth

Damp is a surprisingly commonplace issue that affects thousands of homes up and down the country. If left unchecked, a damp home can be prone to more serious complications such as dry and wet rot. The wooden structure throughout the property may also be weakened, in some cases enough to present an immediate danger to the occupants. To avoid such issues, it’s important that you maintain your damp proofing Bournemouth.

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we have, for many years now, provided homeowners with much-needed assistance. From peeling wallpaper and unsightly mould spots to rotting furniture and foul smelling clothes, the effects of damp can be far-reaching. Instead of resigning yourself to the status quo call us instead, and we’ll be straight round to fix your damp proofing in Bournemouth.

How can our damp proofing Bournemouth team be of assistance?

The first step is to recognise the symptoms of damp, and these can include:

  • Peeling wallpaper and plasterwork
  • Floor tiles lifting
  • Discoloured patches on walls
  • Mould
  • Musty smell
  • Air feels cold and damp

Even if you’re only 90% sure, it’s best to seek a professional opinion. At Tudor Remedial Services, our Bournemouth damp proofing team have many years of experience, so they know precisely what to look for. In some cases, damp may be difficult to spot and even if you manage this, tracing the damp to its origin is not always as easy as it looks.

Our team will provide you with a FREE no-obligation survey to first establish whether damp is present. If there is damp, we will identify the type, severity and source, and provide you with a written quotation for our damp proofing Bournemouth services. At Tudor Remedial Services, we can tackle the following types of damp:

Traumatic Damp

Traumatic damp is any sort of damp that is caused by an internal (or external) leak such as burst pipe or leaking radiator. This can be easily identified by observing the damp patch which will continue to grow despite there being no rainfall or snow. While not directly connected to your damp proofing in Bournemouth, our team are more than happy to fix the problem and repair any damage caused.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is most often linked with structural issues that are a result of poor maintenance or defective building design. Unlike traumatic damp, penetrating damp will be more severe during periods of rainfall or extreme cold. From damaged or faulty guttering to blown window seals, the point of entry will be signified by the location of the damp spot in question.

As part of our damp proofing Bournemouth service, our team can put right any structural issues that are directly causing the damp to enter your home.

Rising Damp

When the ground becomes saturated, upward capillary pull in conjunction with evaporation causes water to rise. This water contains a low concentration of soluble salts that crystallise as they become more concentrated. It is these crystals that are pulled through the wall of your property that cause the damage.

Every property is equipped with a damp proof course (DPC), and rising damp occurs when the DPC is bridged, damaged or absent. At Tudor Remedial Services, our Bournemouth damp proofing specialists can provide you with a chemically injected DPC which will spread throughout the wall and harden creating an impenetrable barrier.

As well as the above, we can also undo any damaged caused as a result of condensation. We can also provide you with advice and suggestions on how to eliminate the presence of condensation in your home.

So, if you’re searching for the most affordable and reputable provider of damp proofing, Bournemouth has to offer, look no further than Tudor Remedial Services.

Why choose Tudor Remedial Services?

With more than 30 years of experience and a proud reputation as an FSB member to uphold, you can always trust Tudor Remedial Services to put your needs first. Working with clients such as local councils, housing societies, estate agents, public schools and more, we’re the first port of call for many in need of damp proofing in Bournemouth.

At Tudor Remedial Services, we believe in doing the job right first time. When you call us, we’ll combine our experience and keen eye for detail to provide you with a service tailored to your specific needs. From damp proofing Bournemouth to cavity wall tie replacement and the prevention and eradication of woodworm, we are the one-stop-shop service for all your remedial concerns.

If you’re in need of a quick and professional resolution to your damp problem, make sure you get in touch with our talented and friendly team today.


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