Damp Proofing Christchurch

Damp Proofing Christchurch

Are you spotting signs of damp in your property? Get in touch with Tudor Remedial for the best damp proofing Christchurch service. We can provide a fast and effective treatment for all damp problems that may occur in your domestic or commercial building.

Our Christchurch damp proofing service Damp Proofing Christchurch

We know that damp can cause a musty and unpleasant environment in your home or workplace. To reverse these symptoms and get your property feeling fresh again, you need our Christchurch damp proofing service. When you give us a call, we will arrange a free consultation and set about installing the appropriate remedial treatments.

Damp is caused when moisture either from leaking taps, faulty plumbing, or external conditions seeps through your masonry and woodwork. If your property has an inadequate or even absent damp proofing course (DPC), it can affect your décor and even weaken the structural integrity of your timber. However, at Tudor Remedial, we can remove both the visible and hidden affects that damp can cause.

At Tudor Remedial, we have a comprehensive knowledge of all types of damp and how best to treat them. This means that we can supply and fit a Christchurch damp proofing course for any of the following moisture issues:

Our highly qualified technicians will be able to quickly identify which type of damp you are experiencing. This means that you won’t have to waste time or money on treatments for misdiagnosed moisture issues. When we inject your new damp proofing in Christchurch, it will create an impermeable barrier to stop water from deteriorating your timber and brickwork.

A chemical damp proofing course will stop the vertical course of the moisture, therefore putting a stop to the problem before the effects become visible. Our chemical damp proofing Christchurch service can is suitable for almost all Christchurch properties and you will notice the benefits almost instantly.

Why choose our damp proofing experts?

We have 30 years of experience in damp proofing, making us the leading timber preservation specialists in Christchurch. Our team are dedicated to ensuring that customers receive the best possible service for their budget. Additionally, we will make sure that our damp proofing in Christchurch causes the least possible disruption to your day. Tudor Remedial only supplies the best damp proof courses on the market, and we make sure that each one is installed with keen attention to detail.

With years of successful damp proofing Christchurch installation, we have established a superb reputation with many clients across Christchurch. Tudor Remedial is recommended by many local estate agents, housing associations, and borough councils as well as home owners and private clients. This is not only due to our extremely effective treatments, but also our excellent customer service. Our Christchurch damp proofing technicians will always be on hand to give expert advice for any questions you may have.

Are you planning a new build? Make sure it is protected against damp and moisture issues with our damp proofing Christchurch service. Our team can work alongside your builders and architects to ensure that your damp proofing course is tailored to your new property or extension.

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