Damp Proofing Poole

Are you looking for the most effective and efficient solution to the damp problems in your home or commercial property? If you are, then you need to call the team at Tudor Remedial today on 07759 829 226 for the most exceptional damp proofing Poole has on offer. Our team has years of experience and can help you keep your property in optimal condition at very competitive prices.


Superior Damp Proofing In Poole

When it comes to dealing with damp proofing Poole and the problems associated, it always pays to make sure use the most renowned and professional suppliers in the area. In this respect, there is only one company you need to consider and that is Tudor Remedial. We can provide brilliant solutions that will solve your damp problems without breaking the bank. There are multiple causes of damp problems and each one is handled and treated differently.


Wet Rot

Wet rot is a common side effect of a home without suitable damp proofing. Poole residents are advised to keep an eye out for the symptoms of wet rot and contact our office if you think your property may be suffering. A lack of suitable DPC (Damp Proof Course) or if the DPC is bridged, can allow moisture to seep into the timber in the property. This is one of the biggest problems of insufficient damp proofing in Poole.

Wet rot can be identified by spongy feeling timber, which will be noticeable even through a layer of paint or wallpaper. Get in touch with our Poole damp proofing team if you think you have wet rot, and we will be able to conduct a detailed survey and identify the problem.

The first step is to treat the structural problems to ensure that the problem does not reoccur. This will involve removing the affected material and replacing it with healthy timber if necessary. The underlying cause of the moisture intrusion will then be treated with our damp proofing Poole solutions.


Rising Damp

Damp Proofing Poole

One of the most common problems associated with ineffective damp proofing in Poole. Rising damp affects over 15% of homes across the UK, but it is easily recognisable and treated. If you notice damaged decorations, mouldy or peeling wallpaper, then you may have a rising damp problem. There are four types of damp associated with this group, which are:


  • Traumatic Damp – water penetrates and reaches the walls and ceiling (leaking pipes etc)
  • Penetrating Damp – water from rain or snow permeates the wall
  • Condensation – results of water from humid air condensing on surfaces like walls and ceilings
  • Rising Damp – water from the ground or foundations rising through the walls or flooring

As with wet rot, get in contact with our damp proofing in Poole team and we will be able to analyse and assess the situation.


Why Choose Our Damp Proofing Poole?

Here at Tudor Remedial, we have over 30 years of experience in dealing with the causes and problems associated with damp and providing Poole damp proofing to tackle the issues. This has given us a vast pool of knowledge to draw from and enables us to give our clients the most effective solutions to their problems with damp properties.

We have excellent working relationships with our clients and are also trusted by local councils because of our unparalleled damp proofing in Poole service and results.


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