Damp Proofing Specialist Dorset

Is your home afflicted with damp? Get in touch with the experts at Tudor Remedial today and we will supply you with the best damp proofing specialist Dorset has to offer. From the smallest damp patches to homes that are rotten throughout, we will provide you with the most affordable solutions around.

Our Dorset damp proofing specialists

At Tudor Remedial, we specialise in surveying and treating damp infested properties all throughout Dorset. Damp proofing specialists supplied by our company are the most experienced around. With a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail, they will isolate the source and treat the problem in no time at all.

Damp is a serious issue that affects many properties up and down the country. When you call us up, we will dispatch a damp proofing specialist in Dorset to carefully inspect your property. The visible signs aren’t always apparent; damp patches can spread making the source difficult to identify. Not so for our skilled experts who will provide you with a complete report of their findings.

Unsure as to what type of damp has affected your property? Our Dorset firm will supply a damp proofing specialist with the skill sets to handle the following types of rising damp:

  • Condensation
  • Penetrating damp
  • Rising damp
  • Traumatic damp

Upon identifying the source, we will go to work treating the structural issues and removing the rotten timbers. Depending on the severity we will either replace the wood outright or cut away the affected area before applying the necessary treatment (if required). Penetrating and rising damp can be due to a lack of, failure or bridged damp proof course as well as a bridged cavity.

Our Dorset damp proofing specialist will provide an effective microemulsion treatment that will serve as a damp proof course. This is injected into the walls and will help to direct moisture away from your property. We can also supply a damp proof membrane to give your home increased protection.

If left unchecked, damp will weaken the structure of your home and have a serious impact on you and your family’s health. So if you suspect damp, don’t delay, get in touch with Tudor Remedial.

Why choose Tudor Remedial?

At Tudor Remedial, for some 30 years now our specialists have remained committed to supplying the most professional damp proofing in Dorset. From homeowners to shop owners, borough councils to estate agents and more we provide our services to a whole range of clients. Read on for more great benefits of choosing Tudor Remedial:

  • FSB members
  • Experienced tradesmen
  • Free consultations
  • Prompt and reliable
  • 100% customer satisfaction


For the finest damp proofing specialist Dorset has experienced get in contact with Tudor Remedial today on 07759829226
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