Damp Specialists Dorset

Are you tired of damp spots in your home? Has your workspace been affected by unwanted moisture? Then you need Tudor Remedial. At Tudor Remedial, we have more than 30 years’ of experience and have assisted with treating damp in a wide range of properties. As the best damp specialists Dorset has seen, you can expect an exceptional service at highly competitive prices.

Our Dorset damp specialists Damp Specialists Dorset

There is nothing more unbearable than living in a property that is riddled with damp, so it’s comforting to know that the experts are just a phone call away. You might think that it would be easier and cheaper to treat the issues yourself, but this can, in fact, lead to further complications that can prove costly to put right. At Tudor Remedial, our Dorset damp specialists possess the skills and expertise to identify and treat damp quickly and effectively while saving you money in the process.

Before we can carry out any work, our damp specialists in Dorset must first begin by conducting a thorough survey of your property. As damp can often spread outwards from the source, tracking it can be a challenge for the untrained eye. Tudor Remedial, on the other hand, know just where to look, we will even check those hidden areas that most people wouldn’t think to look in.

Once we have completed our inspection, we will proceed to report on our findings. At this time, the finest damp specialists Dorset has to offer will supply you with honest recommendations as well as an itemised quotation. As the industry leading experts in damp treatments, we can address the following types of damp in your property:

In many cases, damp issues can be caused by an absent, damaged or bridged damp proof course (DPC). With condensation, however, internal sources are usually the source of the problem such as showering with windows closed or cooking with uncovered pots. Whatever the reasons, our Dorset damp specialists will provide you with cutting-edge solutions such as a new chemically injected DPC.

Our damp specialists in Dorset can also put right any damage that may have occurred as a result of unwanted moisture in your property. Should dry or wet rot be present as a result of damp, you will be relieved to know that we have you covered. With our help, your home or workplace will be free from damp for many years’ to come.

If you are interested in the services offered by our Dorset damp experts and would like to know more, speak to one of our professionals now.

Why choose Tudor Remedial for the most trusted damp specialists Dorset has experienced?

When it comes to damp, there are many aspects to consider from the structural weakening of the building to the health implications of those within. With so much at stake, it pays to enlist Dorset damp specialists who are highly accredited throughout the industry. As an FSB approved company, we are well-connected with a range of customers such as:

  • Building societies
  • Estate agents
  • Local authorities
  • Public schools and buildings
  • Residential and commercial management

Our clients trust Tudor Remedial as their go-to damp specialists in Dorset for our commitment to exceptional service. We boast a friendly, highly trained team who are dedicated to making you their number one priority. From architects to builders and members of the public, our services can be tailored to suit any situation. Best of all, you can expect quick results at prices that are highly affordable.

So when you are looking for Dorset damp specialists, look up Tudor Remedial and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.


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