Dry Rot Renovations in Hampshire

Is dry rot ravaging your Hampshire property? If so, call Tudor Remedial today for unbeatable dry rot renovations in Hampshire. Our skilled remedial staff will provide innovative solutions to combat the issue and restore your property to its former glory.

Our Hampshire dry rot renovations services Dry Rot Renovations in Hampshire

At Tudor Remedial, as the leading timber and building preservation specialists we know the remedial industry back to front. When it comes to providing professional expertise for Hampshire dry rot renovations, our service is the most comprehensive one you will find anywhere. Dry rot is an unfortunate reality faced by many property owners across Hampshire. Rooms that are either damp or poorly ventilated are usually affected, and if left unchecked dry rot can spread quickly attacking the wood and causing extensive damage.

Because dry rot can infiltrate a property through the mortar and plaster, it can be difficult to detect making it tough for amateurs to tackle. Our professional staff will begin by assessing your property paying particular attention to areas such as wooden floors, cellar timbers, structural timbers, and the backs of skirting boards.

Once we have identified the infestation, we will treat the affected area with our specialised micro-emulsion treatment.  For this treatment to be effective, it must come into complete contact with the fungi. Unlike conventional treatments which are only semi-effective the micro-emulsion treatment achieves a deeper penetration into the wood. Best of all, our dry rot renovations Hampshire service can use micro-emulsion to sterilise masonry surfaces.

At Tudor Remedial, as well as our fantastic dry rot renovations in Hampshire service we also provide services to treat wet rot and rising damp as well.

Why choose Tudor Remedial to renovate your Hampshire property?

At Tudor Remedial, we have established a well-earned reputation for providing Hampshire dry rot renovations that are second-to-none. With 30 years of experience in remedial treatments, our qualified staff have attained an excellent level of knowledge.

Over the years our dry rot renovations Hampshire company has developed superb working relationships with clients such as:

  • Borough Councils
  • Developers
  • Estate agents
  • Housing societies
  • Public schools and buildings
  • Residential and commercial management and many more

As members of the FSB, when you hire our remedial company you can be assured of a prompt service that delivers excellent results. We work alongside architects, builders and the general public to provide you with a well-rounded service. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us without a doubt the go-to company for Hampshire dry rot renovations.


Contact us on 07759829226. Alternatively, drop us an e-mail at tudorrem@aol.com and book your dry rot renovations in Hampshire with Tudor Remedial today.