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Welcome to Tudor Remedial! We are the leading dry rot specialists in Bournemouth specialising in dry rot treatment in addition to timber damp treatment. The timber damp treatment options we offer our Bournemouth clients are guaranteed to completely solve their damp problems.

In the case that you have recently discovered timber damp damage within your Bournemouth property, then Tudor Remedial is the Bournemouth company for you. Our team of timber damp experts will make sure to diagnose the issue quickly. Call us now on 07759 829 226 to arrange a free consultation.

The Damp Treatment Specialist Bournemouth Company

If you are in need of a Bournemouth specialist in damp problems like dry rot, then reach out to us today. Dry rot can be the result of poorly ventilated or damp rooms, and it is most commonly located in cellar or structural timbers, suspended wooden floors, or the back of skirting boards. So, if you think your timber may be decaying or don’t know how to identify the problem, call our Bournemouth professionals for support.

If you’ve ever wondered how dry rot is formed, then read on to find out. Dry rot requires 20% moisture content or damp to spread in your property. Interestingly, it never affects outdoor wood, and it usually attacks timber indoors quickly, rapidly spreading. The affected timber will often release a musty, mushroom-like smell if it’s probed with an instrument.

We can identify easily and quickly the problem, so if you want to avoid the hassle and burden, get in touch with Tudor Remedial to identify whether the problem is dry rot or any other wood-destroying fungus.

Dry Rot Specialist Bournemouth

Other Damp Treatment Services We Offer Here in Bournemouth

Here at Tudor Remedial, we definitely do not only offer dry rot treatment services. Some of the other damp treatment services we offer include chemical damp proof course installations. This type of service includes damp-proof courses being inserted into almost all types of properties in order to control the vertical passage of dampness from the ground.

Another type of damp treatment service we offer is the cellar and basement tanking and installation service. This type of service involves structural waterproofing that takes place just below ground level.

Prevention and eradication of woodworm is one essential task every damp treatment specialist must undertake. Woodworm typically infects wooden items and damages them by inflicting holes through them. These holes are usually 1-1.5mm in diameter, a sign which is crucial in spotting a woodworm infestation.

Here at Tudor Remedial, we can diagnose whether your timber damage was caused by dry rot or if it was caused by the fungus that inflicts wet rot.

Our floor repair and replacement service will grant you a peace of mind as well as save you money in the long term. Avoid such hassle and call our professionals who are always ready to repair your wooden flooring.

We can also repair your cavity wall tie when it corrodes. This usually takes place when the protective coating breaks off the wall ties that are embedded in the wall.

Wet Rot

Wet rot is a type of rot that occurs when there is a lot of moisture in the wood structure. Wet rot causes timber degradation, which can result in a number of structural issues. Wet rot is frequently caused by a structural flaw in the property, such as an accumulation of water on the timber or moisture on the wall adjacent to the timber.

In addition to addressing wet rot, Tudor Remedial will address any structural issues in order to prevent wet rot from recurring in your home. Wet rot damage usually just affects the wood, but it can also impact other areas such as the plaster and decorations.

If your home has wet rot, the wood will feel spongy to the touch (even if it’s painted) and will be significantly darker than the surrounding wood. If the wood is dry, it has a great possibility of cracking and crumbling into very thin pieces. There’s a good likelihood that if your roof is compromised, rainwater will seep in and harm the roof timbers.

Tudor Remedial will begin by addressing structural issues in your home to ensure that the problem does not recur. Customers are advised to call our staff immediately if they see wet rot in structural timbers such as roof trusses and floor joists.

If necessary, we will remove rotten timbers and replace them with fresh wood. If the afflicted part is minor, on the other hand, we will simply cut it out and replace it with a new timber piece. If we are unsure that the structural issue has been resolved, Tudor Remedial Services will treat the wet rot with the proper wet rot remedy.

Rising Damp

Damp is a severe problem that affects the decoration and structural integrity of roughly 15% of homes in the UK. It’s critical to recognise the visual signs of wet rot, such as damaged ornamentation and peeling wallpaper, which are both signs of this problem caused by damp. Even more alarmingly, when there is damp in your home, wet rot can undermine the structural woodwork, and the mouldy atmosphere created by the low temperature can be hazardous to your family’s health.

Rising damp is a problem that occurs when water from the ground rises and reaches the floor or wall of your home. Saturated ground that functions as a water source at the base of your property causes rising damp in your walls.

Evaporation and the upward capillary force in the walls suck the water from the soil at the base of the wall. Rising water includes a low percentage of soluble salts, which will crystallise as they become more concentrated. As a result of evaporation, these crystallised salts will harm the brick or mortar, reducing the sound structure of your walls.

With the apparent indications in your home, you may quickly identify moisture. The first indicators of damp in your home include peeling wallpaper, floor tiles moving from the ground, and discolouration of an area on your wall.

Damp is common with older houses where damp-proof courses are missing from the structural integrity of the building and the ancient lime/sand mortar components absorb water.

Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity wall designs with metal wall ties have been utilised to help increase the thermal insulation of buildings and prevent rain from entering homes since the 19th century.

In recent years, it has been discovered that a large proportion of properties built prior to 1981 are experiencing early wall tie corrosion. Wall ties corrode faster in mortar contained in an external leaf of brickwork, according to the Building Research Establishment. This frequently results in wall ties laminating, which causes them to enlarge several times their original size.

If you notice horizontal and diagonal stepped cracking in your outside wall surfaces, you’ve got corrosion. Distortion and bulging are common adverse effects of severe corrosion. In other situations, external walls have collapsed due to heavy gales. Many properties, according to extensive study into wall ties, have an insufficient number of wall ties, particularly around openings such as windows and doors.

Woodworm Treatment

House Longhorn larvae can cause considerable damage and structural integrity loss throughout timber sections if left undiagnosed and without woodworm treatment. This is especially noticeable in sapwood, which can be used as roof timbers, and as a result, woodworm infestations have caused roofs to crumble in.

Woodworm might be difficult to spot, but there are clues that a woodworm infestation is rampant. The following are warning signs to look out for:

  • Holes in the timber – usually round or oval in shape, with crisp edges and a diameter of one to two mm.
  • Tunnels – also known as ‘galleries’, they exist in a variety of sizes depending on the larvae type.
  • Bore dust – frass can be found inside boreholes and galleries, or beneath infestation when timber is removed.
  • Crumbling or damaged timber – occurs in extreme cases, sometimes confused with dry rot.
  • Dead beetles – in or around the infestation area and windowsills, mostly found during the summer.


Tudor Remedial Services provides excellent woodworm treatment in Poole at a low cost. Because we understand how valuable your time is, we can be flexible and work around your schedule. If you believe you have an infestation, we can evaluate the afflicted area of wood and determine the right solution. We’ll see if the infestation is still active, if the damage is definitely caused by woodworm rather than dry or wet rot, and if any timber has to be replaced.

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Tudor Remedial has amassed 30 years of experience in remedial treatments in Bournemouth, and our success is a result of our qualified employees and industry expertise. Borough councils, housing societies, estate agents, developers, public schools, restaurants, public pubs, and building societies are among the clients with whom we have developed strong working relationships.

We are so much more than a dry rot specialist to all of these customers. Clients in Bournemouth know that when they hire Tudor Remedial, they will get the best service and the best outcomes, no matter what the problem is.

As a dry rot specialist in Bournemouth, we are at the top of our game. We collaborate with architects, builders, and the broader society, and we do everything we can to accommodate your needs. We understand how valuable your time is, and we strive to achieve all deadlines on time and on budget. Tudor Remedial are the firm to call if you need the best dry rot specialist Bournemouth has to offer.

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