Dry Rot Treatments Bournemouth

Have you noticed the signs of dry rot in your property? Are you searching for effective dry rot treatments? Bournemouth residents need look no further than Tudor Remedial Services, the premier team in the area. To find out more about dry rot and how we can treat it, please call us today on 07759829226.

Effective Bournemouth Dry Rot Treatments

If your home, or even a single room in your home, is damp or poorly ventilated, you could find it to be affected by dry rot. This is most commonly found in suspended wooden floors, cellar timbers, structural timbers, and the backs of skirting boards. While it is less common than wet rot, it is still highly dangerous and can spread quickly. Therefore it is essential that you reach out to an expert for dry rot treatments in Bournemouth.

Dry rot is a fungus that takes hold in your property and develops a mass of cotton like threads, which in turn attack the wood in your property. The cotton like threads are able to pass through mortar, brick, and plaster, making it hard to tackle if you don’t have experience and efficient dry rot treatments. Bournemouth residents, as it attacks structural areas of your property, if left untreated it can become dangerous.

It isn’t easy to detect dry rot in your property as it is elusive. However, when the affected wood is prodded with an external instrument, it will release a musty, mushroom like smell. This is when you need to reach out to Tudor Remedial Services for Bournemouth dry rot treatments.

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we use a specialised micro emulsion treatment, which is suitable for the effective treatment of dry rot. The treat damp Dorset allows for deeper spread into the timber than any other dry rot treatments in Bournemouth. As such, we are the only team you should reach out to when you notice the signs of dry rot.

Other Services Available

In addition to providing effective dry rot treatments, Bournemouth residents can rely on our team for a range of other timber and building preservation services. We can also handle wet rot, rising damp, and wall ties. Regardless of the service you require, you will receive the highest quality service.

Why Choose Us for Dry Rot Treatments, Bournemouth Residents?

Welcome to Tudor Remedial Services, a company that boasts over 30 years of experience in remedial treatments. If you’ve noticed the signs of dry rot and are now searching for the most effective dry rot treatments in Bournemouth, you’ve come to the right place. We are the finest timber and building preservation specialists around, and believe our years of experience speak for themselves.

Dry Rot Treatments Bournemouth

All of our services, including dry rot treatments, Bournemouth residents, are priced affordably and are highly competitive within the industry. We can have your issues fixed within budget and our team worked quickly and effectively. You therefore won’t need to worry about your home becoming a building site, as we keep disruption to a minimum.

When you come to us for Bournemouth dry rot treatments, you can have complete peace of mind knowing our team are experienced and qualified. Attention to detail and skill are paramount to our business, and we combine this with our years of experience.

Only when you reach out to Tudor Remedial Services for dry rot treatments, Bournemouth residents, will you benefit from:

  • Top Notch Results
  • Quick Service
  • Peace of Mind
  • Glowing Testimonials from Previous Clients

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