Floor Repair Dorset

Are you searching for competitively priced floor repair? Dorset customers should look no further than Tudor Remedial for a quality service that’ll restore any water damage that may have weakened your flooring. We’re a family-run business with a proud reputation. With more than 30 years of experience, you can rest easy knowing that we’re here to tackle all your remedial concerns. Call 07759 829226 to find out more today.


Professional Floor Repair in Dorset

When damp infiltrates a property, it can have a huge impact on the building’s infrastructure if left unchecked. One of the major issues is a weakening of the floorboards and joists that support the boards underneath. If wet or dry rot occurs, these can be severely weakened even resulting in the flooring collapsing underfoot. If such a problem is encountered, you are advised to call Tudor Remedial for a floor repair Dorset customers can count on.

All you have to do is book us in at a time that is convenient for us to carry out a survey of your property. Our survey will assess the extent of the problem and pinpoint the cause. We’ll determine the appropriate course of action to rectify the issue and supply you with a free, no-obligation quote. It’s essential that any remedial work is carried out prior to us fixing any flooring in Dorset. Floor repair services can be quickly undone otherwise.

Our team possess the required knowledge and experience to protect properties of all types from the effects of traumatic, rising and penetrating damp. Once we’ve ensured that the property is fully protected, we’ll then turn our attention towards other services, such as floor repair. Dorset customers can find out more about this service below. Alternatively, give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly remedial experts.


Our Dorset Floor Repair Service

We’ll assess the integrity of the floor and look for any signs of rotting or damage. Any affected floorboards and joists will be ripped up and replaced with treated options. The same is true for cases where woodworm has infested the timbers that make up your flooring. Our team will eradicate and remove the woodworm before providing you with the most competitively priced floor repair, Dorset has to offer.

As well as spot repairs, our team can also handle complete replacements leaving you with complete peace of mind. We guarantee top-notch results by working closely with architects and builders. This enables us to turn our hand to almost any project. Whether we’re replacing a floor in an inhabited property or as part of a restoration project for a building being made habitable, you can rely on us to deliver. As well as floor repair in Dorset, we provide other services too, including:Floor Repair Dorset

If you have any questions about the services mentioned above or our floor repair, Dorset need only call Tudor Remedial today on 07759 829226.


Why Choose Us for Your Floor Repair Dorset?

Here at Tudor Remedial, we’ve been in the business for more than three decades and our knowledge of the remedial industry has only been sharpened in that time. We’re always on hand to provide honest and impartial advice as well as services that are competitively priced. From damp treatments and proofing to floor repair in Dorset, we’re the go-to company for both residential and commercial customers.

In fact, Tudor Remedial are proud to say that we’ve worked alongside many different clients, including local authorities, housing societies, developers, schools, restaurants and more. As a company, we’re proud members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest, and our fully trained and certified team always work in a way that minimises disruption.

Our customers speak often and loudly about how impressed they were with our team, and for good reason. At Tudor Remedial, we always put customer satisfaction first, so choose us for your Dorset floor repair today!



When inquiring about a floor repair, Dorset customers need only call Tudor Remedial today on 07759 829226.