How to Get Rid of Damp in my Bournemouth Home

Is there damp in your home? Stop suffering and get rid of damp in your Bournemouth home with Tudor Remedial. Getting rid of damp is a difficult procedure, but our company know the techniques to use that will remove all signs of damp from your property and make sure you live a healthier lifestyle.

How do I get rid of damp in my home in Bournemouth? How to Get Rid of Damp in my Bournemouth Home

When you need to get rid of damp in your home, you firstly need to know how to identify it. The usual signs of growing damp in your home are wet patches, peeling wallpaper, and tiles lifting from the floors. There are four types of damp that you’ll find in your Bournemouth property. These include:

To find out which type of damp you have in your home, read our rising damp page.

Who will help remove my damp?

Now that you have identified which type of damp you have, you need to enlist the help of the professionals. Contact Tudor Remedial and you will be in the talented hands of our experts. After carrying out an evaluation of the damp in your property, we will determine which type of damp you have and undertake an extensive service to remove it from your home.

Firstly, we will find out what kind of protective system you’ve got set up in your home. This system should protect your home from infiltrating water. If this is ineffective, then we will replace it with a reliable damp proof course.

What is a damp proof course? A damp proof course is a thin waterproof layer that we will set in the walls, and near the ground of your property/ This layer will prevent water from leaking into and causing rising damp in your home.

Why should I choose the services of Tudor Remedial?

Usually damp is associated with older houses where a protective structure hasn’t been set in place. These houses are missing the vital damp proof courses that prevent water infiltrating your property. At Tudor Remedial, we have the resources to put these systems in place and prevent damp occurring in your home again.

Choose Tudor Remedial and you will discover some incredible benefits from a team that will remove damp in your home. Some advantages of choosing our damp proof courses will include improved health, increased structural stability and a more comfortable environment in your home.

We are experts at getting rid of damp in Bournemouth and with over 30 years experience behind us, we guarantee to keep damp at bay.

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