Penetrating Damp Christchurch

Have you spotted damp in your property? Do you need the services of a company that specialises in penetrating damp? Christchurch residents should get in touch with our team here at Tudor Remedial Services. We offer a range of services that can rid your home of damp. To get the process started and to book a free consultation, give us a call on 07759829226.

We Can Identify Christchurch Penetrating Damp

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we have a team of professionals that can identify various types of damp and fix the issue. We offer chemical damp proof course installation, which controls the vertical passage of moisture from the ground, which prevents damp. As mentioned, there are different types of damp, including penetrating damp. In Christchurch, we can address this issue.

So what is penetrating damp? Christchurch residents should know that this form of rising damp comes from rain or snow that permeates the wall ceiling. The exposure to rain or any outside water causes this damp, unlike traumatic damp that infiltrates the walls from an inside source.

If you have noticed damp patches around your windows, then you may have a break in the seal or your windowsill is faulty. If there are long vertical stains, that could be because there are problems with the pipes of your gutter. If you are unsure if you have Christchurch penetrating damp, then our professionals will be able to help.

Penetrating damp in Christchurch tends to be a common problem in older houses as many of them don’t have cavity walls. In addition, penetrating damp is likely to be found in properties that have exposure to the North and West facing walls.

Our Range of Services

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we are in the business of ensuring that the structural integrity of your property remains. We have numerous methods and services that are designed to prevent issues such as penetrating damp. Christchurch residents can take full advantage of our services, including the following:

We offer free consultations to customers so that we can discuss your requirements. That way, we can find the right solution for your situation. Christchurch penetrating damp is one issue that could arise, but with any form of damp there are some obvious signs. These include peeling wallpaper and the discolouration of a patch of wall.

Visible damp in the corners of a white wall

Why Hire Our Consultants to Discuss Penetrating Damp, Christchurch Residents?

With 30 years of experience in remedial treatments, you can trust Tudor Remedial Services to give you the correct advice and guidance. We are a family-run company, so if you want to contact us about penetrating damp in Christchurch, you can expect a personable approach. Our team are experts in this industry and we always aim to get top-class results.

Plenty of disruption can be caused when it comes to any form of building work, but we always work around your schedule. As well as that, we always pay great attention to detail and our skills are second to none. When it comes to penetrating damp, Christchurch clients should expect a comprehensive service.

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we have worked with many different clients and organisations over the years. From borough councils, estate agents, public schools and buildings to restaurants, building societies and private sectors. With this long list of clients, you should put your full trust in our team to treat penetrating damp, Christchurch clients.

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