Rising Damp Problems in Bournemouth

Does your property suffer from damp problems? Let Tudor Remedial Services help make this issue a thing of the past. We are the leading specialist of solutions to rising damp problems in Bournemouth. No matter what the size of your damp issue is, we offer solutions to eradicate all Bournemouth rising damp problems.

rising damp problems in BournemouthDoes your Bournemouth property have rising damp problems?

Rising damp is the term used for when unwanted moisture is present in your property and slowly ascends the walls. The water starts at ground level and is then soaked up by absorbable materials such as sandstone and mortar. If rising damp problems are left untreated, the structural integrity of your building is weakened, leading to expensive repair work. Dampness in a home can lead to mould problems which will negatively affect the health of you and your family.

Rising damp

Several warning signs that show your Bournemouth property might have rising damp problems:

  • Damp patches about one metre from the floor
  • Decaying skirting boards
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Tide marks on the walls
  • White puffy blotches in the wallpaper
  • Yellow and brown stains

At Tudor Remedial Services, we treat rising damp problems in Bournemouth by inserting chemical damp-proof courses throughout your property which controls the vertical movement of moisture from the ground.

Other types of damp problems include:

Traumatic damp

Traumatic damp occurs when an indoor water source is leaking and reaches your walls or ceilings. This water source is usually from pipes, drains and radiators not working correctly.

Penetrating damp

This form of damp problem is caused by aging and damaged bricks, guttering, defective roofs and windows losing their ability to keep the rain out.


Mainly an issue in the winter months, condensation happens when cold, external air enters a property, is warmed by the central heating, and then the warm air proceeds to take up moisture.

Why Tudor Remedial

As the leading timber and preservation specialist in Bournemouth, we are also experts in the following remedial treatments:

During our 30 years of experience, we have worked with Borough Councils, estate agents, housing developers, restaurants, public schools and buildings providing solutions to their damp problems. Our company is a certified member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

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