Tanking in Bournemouth

Are you looking for a way to stop damp invading your cellar or basement? You need an experienced company that can provide tanking in Bournemouth. As you read every word of this page, you’ll discover how you can join the hundreds of happy customers whose cellars are now dry and functional thanks to our tanking service. You too can start using your cellar to expand your living space and improve your quality of life. Call 07759829226 today to find out more.


Our tanking Bournemouth service keeps you sane and your cellar dry

Listen, we know that having contractors in to work on your home can be Tanking in Bournemouthstressful. But, through 30 years of experience working with happy customers, we’ve mastered the art of making our tanking Bournemouth service quick, so it creates the smallest disruption possible to your life. Our job is to make your cellar dry and watertight, not to make you pull your hair out.


But why is your cellar damp?

If your cellar’s damp, rising damp is usually behind it. Because your cellar’s underground, moisture seeps into the walls, sometimes bringing salt and other minerals with it. This can make the walls damp, damaging them over time, and creates ideal growing conditions for fungus and mould, which can harm your family’s health. If you discover that your cellar is damp, call Tudor Remedial right away for our Bournemouth tanking service.


How can we help you with that?

By providing tanking in Bournemouth, we treat your cellar walls to make them watertight. This stops any moisture or harmful minerals getting into them. We make it sound easy, and it is for an expert, but you shouldn’t try to fix your cellar’s damp problem alone. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as applying a safe chemical sealant to make the walls watertight. In other cases, you need a treatment injected into the walls. Only an expert can tell you how to treat damp Dorset.

When you phone us, we arrange to give you a free, no-obligation consultation. We tell you exactly what your specific problem is, what the best course of treatment is, how much it costs, and how long it will take.

If you decide to hire us, we complete the job quickly and efficiently. You get the watertight cellar you deserve, just like the hundreds of satisfied customers we’ve helped before. All you have to do is open the door and let us get on with it.


Why choose Tudor Remedial for Bournemouth tanking?

At Tudor Remedial, we have 30 years of experience successfully getting rid of rising damp, and similar problems, for hundreds of happy customers. Through our tanking Bournemouth service, we’ve applied our expert treatments for rising damp to buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Our team have the qualifications needed to provide tanking service safely and effectively. You’re in safe hands when you work with us. We have good working relationships with:

Tanking in Bournemouth

  • The Borough Council
  • Local schools
  • Housing societies
  • Architects
  • Property developers and managers
  • Local businesses

That’s not to mention the string of happy homeowners we’ve left behind us. (You’ve probably met a couple. If all these institutions and homeowners are happy after working with us, then you know you can trust us to provide top quality tanking in Bournemouth.

As a respected member of the Federation of Small Businesses, you know we don’t cut corners. We’re dedicated to running our business with integrity. That means that you can relax, when you leave your Bournemouth tanking jobs to us, because we’re not happy with the job until you’re completely satisfied. As experienced professionals, we work quickly and efficiently. We do the job properly while causing the minimum amount of disruption in your life.


Contact us now for tanking in Bournemouth

Phone us now on 07759829226 for your free, no-obligation consultation for tanking in Bournemouth. Make your cellar the wonderful room you know it should be.