Timber Preservation Bournemouth

Timber Preservation Bournemouth

Are you concerned about the structural integrity of your property? Then do not hesitate to enlist the best timber preservation Bournemouth service. As specialists in damp proofing and dry rot treatment, Tudor Remedial can make certain that all of your timber issues are put to an end.

Our Bournemouth timber preservation services

Damp and rot is a problem which affects around 15% of properties across Bournemouth, and occurs when moisture from outside comes into contact with the walls of a property. Consequences of this includes peeling wallpaper, discoloured walls and growth of mould. It can also weaken the woodwork in your home or workplace, but Tudor Remedial are here to supply a first class timber preservation in Bournemouth service.

Our Bournemouth timber preservation specialists provide treatments for the following issues:

Timber Preservation Bournemouth

While timber issues are largely associated with older buildings with inadequate damp proofing, it can also be triggered by many other factors such as leaking pipes and changes in weather. At Tudor Remedial, we have a comprehensive knowledge of damp and rot related problems, which means we can quickly commence the appropriate timber preservation measures.

We use the best quality timber preservation treatments on the market in order to achieve effective and long-lasting results. Unlike other Bournemouth companies, the products we use spread deep into the timber so that all sources of damp and mould are completely eliminated. If you have any questions regarding our preservation treatments, we will be happy to offer our expert advice.

Why choose Tudor Remedial?

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading timber preservation companies in Bournemouth. Our team takes pride in achieving the best results for our customers and exceeding the expectations of all who use our services. Over the years, we have supplied damp proofing courses for all types of buildings from homes to schools, restaurants and public houses.

Each member of staff is highly qualified in the field and possesses all the necessary certifications to apply a wide range of timber preservation treatments. We can even work alongside architects and builders if you are building a new property in Bournemouth. Whether you need us to install a damp proofing course in a new build, or eradicate rot in an older building, you won’t find a better service elsewhere.

Our services are highly recommended by local borough councils, housing societies and estate agents. By choosing Tudor Remedial, you have complete peace of mind that the timber in your property is no longer made vulnerable by moisture-related issues. However mild or severe the problem may be, we will use our wealth of experience and keen attention to detail to treat your timber.

We believe in offering our Bournemouth clients excellent value for money, which is why we charge competitive prices. Feel free to contact our team today for a quote as we guarantee it will fit well within your budget.

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If you require a quick and effective timber preservation Bournemouth service, get in touch on 07759829226 or send an email to tudorrem@aol.com.