Traumatic Damp Christchurch

Have you had a breakout of damp appear in your home? Then you need to get in touch with Tudor Remedial Services, the number one team for dealing with traumatic damp. Christchurch clients can schedule in an appointment with us today by giving our helpful team a call on 07759 829 226. You can also reach out to us via email at, where we’ll get back to you shortly.

Your First Choice Contractor for Christchurch Traumatic Damp Treatments

Here at Tudor Remedial Services, we’re proud to provide the best treatments for traumatic damp Christchurch has to offer. We aim to exceed the expectations of all clients by working closely with them to fulfil all requirements. Continue reading to learn about our professional approach to damp removal and find out why our services are held in such regard.

For over thirty years, our staff have been working throughout the county, and in that time have gained a significant amount of experience. We’ve dealt with a number of challenging damp situations and managed to handle all professionally. Our past success means we’re confident in being able to meet the needs of all clients. The skill of our team is what sets us apart as the first choice contractor for many that require Christchurch traumatic damp treatment.

The Best Treatment for Traumatic Damp Christchurch Residents Can Get

Damp is a serious issue that is unfortunately common in many properties. Not only can damp patches cause damage to your walls and ceiling, but it can also be harmful to your breathing. Such a problem needs to be dealt with immediately, so it is vital to hire proven experts. It is for this reason that so many people choose us at Tudor Remedial Services when they require service for traumatic damp in Christchurch.

When we visit your property, we’ll identify the root of the damp and get to work on carrying out effective treatment. Our team will deliver a long-term solution that not only rids you of the current damp, but will help prevent similar issues in the future. Through this thorough approach, we’re able to deliver the best treatment for traumatic damp Christchurch clients can get.

Traumatic Damp in ChristchurchAs well as being available to deal with the spread of traumatic damp in Christchurch, our team can also help with the following services:

We realise that there are many damp-related issues that can arise in any property, which is why we’ve expanded our services to cater to all of them. As a result of the flexibility of our team, we’re available for far more than just treatment for traumatic damp. Christchurch clients who’d like further information on a specific service should get in touch with us today.

Why Hire Us to Deal With Traumatic Damp in Christchurch?

As a result of our outstanding work over the years, we at Tudor Remedial Services have gained a significant amount of recognition. For example, we’re members of the Federation of Small Businesses who fully accredit our services. An endorsement such as this from such an esteemed industry body proves that we’re the most reliable company to deal with traumatic damp Christchurch clients can get.

While delivering an effective service is vital, we also believe it is essential to provide an exceptional service. As such, our team are always clear and courteous towards customers, as well as being available to go through any queries in detail. Thanks to this excellent customer service, we’re able to satisfy all clients that need assistance with Christchurch traumatic damp.

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So, if you’re in desperate need of professionals who can deal with traumatic damp, Christchurch residents should reach out to us at Tudor Remedial Services. We’re always willing to discuss our services at length, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require further information. Give us a call now on 07759 829 226, or send an email to, where we’ll reply shortly.