Treatment for Rising Damp in Dorset

Treatment for Rising Damp in Dorset

Do you think your property is riddled with signs of rising damp? Don’t think that it will magically go away on its own – you need a specialist to source where the damp is coming from and treat it. With our treatment for rising damp in Dorset, it won’t be long until your home is back to being its best. Call us today on 07759829226 to find out how we can help you.

Why do you need our treatment for rising damp Dorset?

Rising damp is caused when the saturated groundwater level rises up to the level of the foundations of your house. If your damp proof course is damaged, the pressure within the walls sucks the water up through the porous gaps within your brickwork and spreads up through the walls. Without an effective Dorset treatment for rising damp, rising damp will continue to be a problem each time the water table rises.

What are the signs of rising damp?

There are a multitude of signs that can suggest that you need treatment for rising damp in Dorset. Those signs include:

Tide marks

As the water rises up the walls, it can leave tide marks up the walls. The salts and minerals within the water stain the paintwork or wallpaper and damage the plasterboard. They can also crystallise in clumps and damage the brickwork if left over time, so it’s important you seek our treatment for rising damp Dorset as soon as possible.


Perhaps one of the most common signs that you need treatment for rising damp Dorset, mould isn’t just an unsightly and unwanted addition to your décor. When left, it can release spores that can damage health.

Damaged decor

Another sign that you may need Dorset treatment for rising damp is spotting that you’re wallpaper is peeling off, and your tiles are rising up from the floor. You may also spot bubbles underneath your paintwork.


Damp is usually combined with a faint or strong musty smell. If any of your rooms have a musty smell, you should get in touch with our team about rising damp treatment in Dorset as you may have an underlying problem.

How can we help with providing Dorset treatment for rising damp?

When you call us to say that your home is suffering from the signs of rising Treatment for Rising Damp in Dorsetdamp, a member of our team will come out to survey your home. They will try and find the cause of the damp and then recommend the right treatment for rising damp in Dorset.  They will then assess the damage and give you a quotation based on the work involved.

Our treatment for rising damp Dorset involves injecting a chemical damp course into the brickwork of your house. The liquid then expands to fill the porous channels within the brickwork which in turn, stops the water from travelling up the walls. Once the walls are dry, we can replace the damaged plasterboard and make sure that there are no signs of wet or dry rot within the woodwork.

Why should you choose Tudor Remedial Services?

With over 30 years’ experience treating damp-related problems around Dorset, our qualified and knowledgeable team have a reputation for delivering a first-rate service. Once we have injected our Dorset treatment for rising damp, our customers always comment on the quality of our finish. Our extensive list of happy clients include councils, housing associations, estate agents, schools and the hospitality sector.

Having had experience injecting our treatment for rising damp in Dorset in domestic and commercial properties, there’s nothing that our team haven’t faced.  When you choose Tudor Remedial Services for your treatment for rising damp in Dorset, you will benefit from:

  • Top notch results
  • An efficient service with minimum disruption
  • Peace of mind
  • Attention to detail

We don’t just deal with treatment for rising damp in Dorset. Here’s a list of our other services: