Wall Tie Replacement Dorset

Do you suspect that your cavity wall ties are coming loose? Have you noticed signs of structural damage starting to appear throughout your walls? Call Tudor Remedial today for the best wall tie replacement Dorset has seen. With years of experience, our fully certified team possess the skills necessary to put the problem right again.

The best choice for your wall tie replacement in Dorset

If you’re in need of a Dorset wall tie replacement service, there is only one company that provides affordable quality – Tudor Remedial. Here at Tudor Remedial, we have worked on hundreds of buildings over the years on cavity wall ties in varying stages of deterioration. From minor cases to jobs where an entire overhaul is necessary, our wall tie replacement Dorset team are here to help.

How can Tudor Remedial be of assistance?

The use of metal wall ties in building construction is a practice that dates back to the 19th century. In those days, ties were often made using mild or galvanised steel which would rust when exposed to water. If your property was built before 1981, you could be in need of a wall tie replacement in Dorset. Call up our team, and we’ll arrange a time to carry out a full survey of your walls.

Here at Tudor Remedial, our wall tie replacement Dorset professionals leave no stone unturned. We use cutting-edge technologies to inspect the interior space between the internal and external wall. It is here that metal ties were installed to increase insulation and protection against rainwater. However, a process known as lamination can occur wherever wall ties are present in mortar contained within the external leaf of the brickwork.

As part of our Dorset wall tie replacement service, we will check for an expansion of the wall ties, a symptom of lamination, as well as the presence of rust. We will also inspect your walls for signs of horizontal or diagonal cracking. Once we have completed our survey, you will be supplied with a complete report of our findings along with our wall tie replacement Dorset recommendation.

Our Dorset wall tie replacement service

To avoid an issue with your walls weakening and potentially collapsing, enlist our wall tie replacement in Dorset company immediately. Here at Tudor Remedial, our team will remove any old and worn ties and replace them with new ones comprised of 100% stainless steel. Unlike mild or galvanised options, these will not corrode or expand. Our wall tie replacement Dorset experts will ensure that your walls remain stable for decades to come.

To round-off your Dorset wall tie replacement service, we will put right any structural damage that will have occurred as a result of your old wall ties failing. We will endeavour to have everything put back to the way it was so you can go back to living your life without the worry of collapsing walls. Plus, when you choose our wall tie replacement Dorset team, you will benefit from the following:

  • Minimal disruption to you  Wall Tie Replacement Dorset
  • Prompt and reliable service
  • Honest and impartial advice
  • Domestic and commercial work carried out
  • Years of experience

If you would like more information concerning our wall tie replacement in Dorset services, be sure to click on the following link.

Why should you choose our wall tie replacement Dorset professionals?

As members of the FSB, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we excel in providing Dorset wall tie replacement services that are both affordable and reliable. From homeowners to local authorities. From housing societies to developers. We are trusted by many to provide a wall tie replacement in Dorset that is miles ahead of the competition.

On that note, you can be certain that when you phone up our Dorset wall tie replacement team, you will be receiving the best value for money around. This is due to our continuing efforts to remain as competitive as possible by benchmarking our prices against those offered by other companies. At Tudor Remedial, we do a lot more than offer wall tie replacement in Dorset services. Have a look below as we have listed the other services that we provide:

  • Cellar and basement tanking and installation
  • Chemical damp proof course installation
  • Floor repair and replacement
  • Prevention and eradicator of woodworm
  • Treatments for wet and dry rot


So if you’re in need of the finest wall tie replacement Dorset has to offer, get in contact with Tudor Remedial today by dialling 07759829226.