Damp Course And Wall Treatment Specialists In Dorset

Damp Course and Wall Treatment Specialists in Dorset

Are your walls affected by damp? For the finest damp course and wall treatment specialists in Dorset, choose Tudor Remedial today. When your property is affected by damp, you require Tudor Remedial’s prompt service to identify and treat the damp in your home.

Do you need our Dorset wall treatments?

The usual cause for damp is the high level of moisture within the timber structure of your building. Over time, the moisture will damage the structure of your walls, floors and ceilings. Not only will it damage your property, but it can also seriously affect your health. It is important to get in touch with our remedial service immediately when the first signs appear. So if you see rotting ceilings, peeling wallpaper and dark patches in the home get in touch with Tudor Remedial for specialist damp course treatments.

Our specialist damp treatments

We provide a wide range of damp courses and are specialists in an array of wall treatments. We know how to identify the damp or rot that is damaging your home and have the expert wall treatment techniques on how to prevent damp from occurring.

Damp proof remediesBournemouth Damp Solutions

When damp occurs in your home, call Tudor Remedial for prompt damp courses that will prevent moisture from seeping into your walls. With micro emulsion pressure injected solutions, we will create a damp-proof barrier within the wall to prevent water entering your property and causing rising damp.

Cavity wall tie replacements

Are there cracks in the external surface of your walls? This may be the result of corroded cavity wall ties that many older properties are vulnerable to. Cavity ties are essential to the structural stability of your walls. A comprehensive installation of cavity ties by one of our team at Tudor Remedial will prevent water entering the property that will ultimately result in damp.

Learn more about the importance of wall ties in the home.

Removing dry rot

Dry rot is a typical cause of damp in the home. Dry rot occurs when damp Bournemouth Dry Rot Servicehas entered the timber, but has been given enough time to once again dry. At Tudor Remedial, we remove any infected wood that has been subjected to dry rot as a result of damp.

The decaying timber will be treated with our micro emulsion treatments specialising in dry rot. We deliver a deep treatment solution to the spread of dry rot that will sterilise the further spread of damp in your home.

Find out if your property is afflicted by damp and hear what we have to say about dry rot.

Wet rot solutions

If you believe you have discovered damp in your home, it is probably due to wet rot. At Tudor Remedial, we will identify and remove the source of wet rot at the scene.  When you choose our wall treatment specialists in Dorset, we will recognise damaged timber and if possible treat the infected wall with a fungicidal treatment. Our specialists will test the surrounding timber to ensure the structural stability of your property.

Why select Tudor Remedial?

When choosing a wall treatment specialist to remedy the damp in your home, there’re no other damp course specialists in Dorset than Tudor Remedial. Here are just a few reasons why Tudor Remedial has been accredited for their brilliant customer service and wall treatment solutions:

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