Damp Course Solutions in Dorset

Damp Course Solutions in Dorset

Peeling wallpaper? Lifting floor tiles? Dark spots on the wall? These are all signs of damp courses and require an efficient remedial service to keep the moisture under control. Tudor Remedial are here to provide the finest damp course solutions in Dorset, transforming your property back to a healthy and pleasant environment.

Our Dorset damp course solutions Damp Course Solutions in Dorset

At Tudor Remedial, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing solutions for all types of damp courses in houses and commercial properties. Our highly qualified staff specialise in building preservation and are able to offer the most effective damp-proof courses for your Dorset property.

We maintain strong relationships with all of our domestic and commercial Dorset clients, including:

  • Housing societies
  • Borough councils
  • Estate agents
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Public houses
  • Building societies and many more

Which type of damp do I have?

Damp is most common in older buildings, and often occurs due to failed or absent damp proofing. It can affect the structural integrity of your Dorset property as high levels of moisture in the timber can lead to rotting. When damp courses are not stopped in time, it can encourage the growth of mould which can lead to a number of health problems.

Traumatic damp

Traumatic damp is caused when moisture from inside a Dorset building reaches the walls/ceilings of the property. Traumatic damp can occur at any time of the year no matter what the season due to faulty plumbing such as a leaking tap, radiator, pipe, or other source. An effective damp course solution can put a stop to this, therefore protecting the timber and woodwork.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is a result of water from outside the Dorset building seeping through the ceiling, and is usually found in older houses with no cavity walls. It is strongly influenced by temperature and external weather conditions as it is commonly caused by rain, snow and similar precipitation infiltrating the building’s walls.

Rising damp

Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground rises towards the floor and walls of a building. The salts present in the rising water will crystallise as the moisture evaporates, consequently damaging the structure of the walls. It is important to employ a damp course solution for this to prevent the deterioration of brick and mortar.


When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as walls and ceilings, it results in condensation. Moisture will collect on the surface, forming damp patches on walls or water droplets on glass when the temperature changes. In terms of a solution for condensation, we would recommend better ventilating your Dorset property to avoid the chance of mouldy patches forming on surfaces.

Find out more about how damp is caused and how to recognise it here.

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