Damp Rot Treatment Bournemouth

Are you looking to eradicate the signs of rot from your property? With 30 years of experience to our name, Tudor Remedial possess the skills and expertise to deliver the best damp rot treatment Bournemouth has to offer. When you spot rot, don’t delay, call today.

Our Bournemouth damp rot treatment Damp Rot Treatment Bournemouth

If your home is suffering from damp infiltration, this could be a sign of further underlying issues. Wet and dry rot can afflict any building where moisture is present, and there is insufficient ventilation. If left unchecked, the rot will begin to attack the wooden structure causing it to weaken and potentially fail. Fortunately, our Bournemouth damp rot treatment specialists have what it takes to spot and treat rot in all properties regardless of age or size.

Before any work can commence, we must complete a survey of your property to identify the extent of the rot as well as the source. Upon completion, we will report all of our findings to you along with our recommendation on the most effective damp rot treatment in Bournemouth. Our team have a real eye for detail and can advise you on the type of rot affecting your home.

Wet Rot

Wet rot is triggered by an accumulation of moisture within the property, for instance, damp entering the building via the wall adjacent to the affected timber. This will result in the timber becoming water-logged causing it to feel spongy to touch. The damp treatment for wet rot involves us removing and replacing the rotten timbers – if the area is small enough, we can replace the affected part leaving the rest intact.

Dry Rot

In the case of dry rot, this can be typically characterised by the presence of a distinctive looking fungus which can easily pass through bricks, mortar and plaster. This means that if left untreated, dry rot can spread to unaffected rooms and even adjoining buildings. At Tudor Remedial, our Bournemouth team will provide you with professional damp rot treatment that will rid you of the burden of dry rot entirely.

We will apply a special micro emulsion treatment directly to the affected timbers. These will penetrate deep into the wood ensuring that all traces of your dry rot are completely eliminated. Best of all, our damp rot treatment will also protect your Bournemouth masonry to ensure maximum protection.

Why choose Tudor Remedial?

If you are wondering what sets us apart from our competitors, allow us to explain. At Tudor Remedial, our Bournemouth specialists are committed to providing you with damp rot treatments that are competitively priced. From purging the rot from your property to repairing any damage and implementing safeguards against further damp infiltration, we supply you with an all-in-one service.

Read on below, as we have listed some amazing benefits to choosing Tudor Remedial for your Bournemouth damp rot treatment service:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Free quotes
  • FSB members
  • Highly skilled team
  • Prompt and reliable


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