Woodworm treatment Bournemouth

Are you in need of the most effective woodworm treatment Bournemouth has to offer? Tudor Remedial Services are specialists in the prevention and eradication of woodworm in your home. Whether you would like a FREE consultation or need immediate woodworm treatment in Bournemouth, our team can provide an efficient and cost-effective service for you.

The best Bournemouth woodworm treatment

Woodworm is a common household pest problem which can be a frustrating inconvenience. If you suspect you may have woodworm problems, then we suggest getting in touch with our woodworm treatment Bournemouth specialists as soon as possible.

Woodworm is in fact not a worm at all, but the larvae form of beetles that commonly infest timber. The two types our woodworm treatment Bournemouth specialists often see are the Furniture Beetle, which is usually found in softwoods and European hardwood. The second is known as the Death Watch Beetle which can be found mostly in the heart of hard wood such as oak and is known to be most common in the South of England and Wales. Signs and symptoms of woodworm to watch out for include:

Woodworm treatment Bournemouth

  • Holes in wooden items usually 1-2mm in
  • White powder known as bore dust in or around the holes
  • Tunnels in the wood
  • Beetles emerging from woodwork
  • Crumbling timber

Our woodworm treatment Bournemouth specialists recommended trying to recognise signs of woodworm as early as possible in order for us to prevent extensive damage to any timber or woodwork on your property.

When you call Tudor Remedial Services, one of our expert team will fist carry out a FREE consultation to assess the extent of the problem. Once we have determined if the infestation is active or not, we can then recommend the best course of woodworm treatment in Bournemouth.

Our woodworm treatment Bournemouth

One of the most common courses of Bournemouth woodworm treatment is to apply an insecticide that will eliminate the pests on immediate contact. The treatment is water based and is a non-invasive option that allows you to reoccupy your home after just one hour.

If our Bournemouth woodworm treatment specialists find you have an infestation in your timber floorboards, for example, we may also need to check for other problems such as rot and damp. Because these pests live in timber that usually has high moisture levels, it is possible you may need treatment for wet rot, too.

If your case of woodworm is quite severe, then our experts will identify an alternative Bournemouth woodworm treatment to target stubborn infestations. Our friendly and professional team will always give you the most cost-effective woodworm treatment Bournemouth options that are non-intrusive and long-lasting so that you can have a happy home.

Furthermore, if you are planning a home extension or other renovation, Tudor Remedial Services can offer Bournemouth woodworm treatment prevention advice to ensure your new home doesn’t come with any unwanted guests. We work alongside all architects and builders to help your project go to plan.

Reasons to choose Tudor Remedial Services

At Tudor Remedial Services we are the leading specialists in timber and building preservation. As well as proving the most effective woodworm treatment in Bournemouth we can also help with a number of other issues such as dry rot and rising damp. With over 30 years’ experience in remedial treatment for common household issues, we guarantee we can help with Bournemouth woodworm treatment in your home.

We strive to give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands, which is why our team tailor their services to you. We will always talk you through the issues and solutions so that you are equipped to make a well-informed decision on your woodworm treatment in Bournemouth.

We have established a solid reputation for our effective woodworm treatment in Bournemouth through our work with borough councils, housing societies, estate agents, public schools and much more.

If you are not sure if our services are right for you, please give us a call, and one of our friendly team will be happy to advise you on whether our woodworm treatment Bournemouth service could help you.

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